Our Mission

The Mission

W    Ghana is a torch bearer of Independence.  The youth of this nation are among the world’s fastest growing middle-class.  Young Christian males with opportunities don’t have enough reinforcement concerning their need to exercise. Most millennial males work over 14 hours a day, often at computers, so it is difficult for them to exercise properly.  This lifestyle creates health problems.

O     Our mission is to be an international support base that helps youth craft their own sustainable identities.  We carry out this mission through episode production, celebration of local talent, disability outreach, advisor and sponsor feedback, success testimonials, and live events. The active lifestyle approach we promote includes both young and old, able and disabled. We are innovative in Health, Christian ministry, and Sports to promote sustainability.  We believe that if we share information on healthy living and lead by example every morning on our media, we can do some much-needed good.

O     Our mission requires us to make disease prevention and family planning popular, appealing, and exciting topics for society. These are difficult topics that the grace of God can help us learn and grow from.  Our men can reach their maximum potential through better knowledge and best practices.

Why do we focus on men? There are very few resources or institutions that exist solely for men’s help, and since men make great daily sacrifices for their families, they need all the help we can give them. That’s what makes us unique. What’s even more important is that men lead their families; if we can enlighten and aid them, they can share their benefits with those they are responsible for.

    Sportslife TV Ministries® is a tool to help people reach the ideal of Christ’s example. He came here to show us how to live through Love, Forgiveness, Self-Control, and Self-Improvement. In His name, do the same.

  “Faith is the Motivation, Sports is the Vehicle, and Wellness is the Outcome.” – Caleb Lensfield