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“If You Need Help, Ask Me”

The power of giving, is that it puts us in a state of oneness with God. Giving puts us in a Holy Instant where miracles happen. Here in the 8thfriendliest country in the world, we’ve learned to say, “If you need help, ask me.” We are looking for more people like us.

The Morning Motions Miracle is a fundraiser campaign on Generosity.  Morning Motions™ is a cause inspired TV show.    The format strikes a balance between expert instruction, practical information, exciting support and entertainment.  The performances demonstrated throughout the series can easily applied to the training of both young and old.

The Creators of the show, Karen and Caleb, are perfectly suited to present this unique series in an understandable and enjoyable fashion.  The instructional portion of this series actually teaches basic and advanced techniques, enlightening those new to the fitness world as well as professionals.  We offer a broad spectrum of information.  It will be interesting to those who just want to know more about health issues and how to cope with challenges.  It will be interesting to those who desire to teach.

In addition to the instructional segment, each episode offers an engaging, informative, and candid look into the lives and lifestyles of the Ghanaian people.

Of all the medical troubles here, male officials asked us for help in their Family Planning Clinics. In the spirit of  human design, we interviewed nurses and administrators for this project.  Their voices would tremble and they could barely speak as they brought up the subject of their maternal delivery theatres.

There are 3 million annual newborn deaths worldwide and 1/2 are in Africa alone.  There are many NGOs here from around the world and Family Planning usage is up but, we need 120 million adapters by 2020.  Work is needed in clinic service delivery, commodities, and financial commitment.

Join us and participate in funding the show:
Morning Motions™: Season 1 – Moving On!

Give to the Generosity Campaign for The Morning Motions™ Miracle.  The miracle is that your money will reach. We don’t need heroes to solve Ghana’s specific problems. We need champions that will solve our shared problems.  This cause affects us all.   With a faith-based commitment, and a project based on new research, our project will break barriers and form a new, necessary movement.

When we all say ‘If you need help, ask me’ we empower this cause to recruit 450,000 new West African family planning users by 2018.  With this said, we also have designs to expand current capacity of the region’s healthcare infrastructure to accommodate more people and save lives.

When you become a donor, you may choose to gain exclusive overseas access to our content. This includes our workout episodes, coverage of our deliveries of gifts and supplies to clinics. These works are all an exploration of the hard work, skills, and self-belief  of the Ghanaian people, with the beauty of Africa in the back drop.

While you wait for our upcoming crowdfunding campaign,
please check out our Storyboard Demo.


Thank You for your interest, and God Bless You.

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