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About Morning Motions™

     At its core, Morning Motions is a show designed to be versatile.  Our Sixty-five episodes serve as 65 opportunities to increase your audience reach and revenues from Ghana this year, through 30-minute sessions that will be taped on magnificent outdoor tourist attractions and natural vistas.  Indoor studio footage will be shot on our designed set built at an all-access film location. Layers of production activity will start with publicity events that we will use for casting.

The Morning Motions Miracle is accepting donations for our total project infrastructure, which we will raise partially through our upcoming Generosity crowdfunder, and partially through readers like you.  Ease of standardization and processing will ensure our success in Ghana, which is a challenging operating environment.  In preparation for our tornado of success in inspiring and informing 450,000 men for healing by 2018, we need support from you, the global citizenry. The results of your contributions will be clearly displayed here, on this website, through the hundreds of thousands of surveys submitted online through our health screening processes in Ghana.

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