A New Dawn

Sportslife TV Ministries is the name of our Not-For-Profit organization, operating out of Ghana, West Africa.

What matters most to us is the cost-effective improvement of the lives of anyone who encounters our content by educating our viewers with compelling content. Whether that content is written articles, weekly vlogs, reality TV shows, exercise programs, interviews, or whatever else we come up with, it should be free of charge, high quality, and life changing for your own good. We believe that.

We are small at the moment, with only two current full time staff members. The equipment you see above is the majority of what we have to work with. However, nothing will deter us from using it all to put great content out into the public. With your support, we can realize the lagr projects we have to offer.

This organization has been in existence since 2016, but we have been conducting research and fieldwork for the past five years, and been in training for a decade prior. We are finally ready to share what we have learnt.  With the help of donations from you, we will be able to, through our upcoming web series.

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