A New Attitude

Its hard to take on the real world directly. Going through life headstrong leads to difficulties. Going through life casually makes you a casualty.

For life, one needs strategy and planning. Doing only what comes natural, only what is expected by family and peers, and only what is demonstrated in one’s immediate sorroundings will quickly leave you trapped in a life you did not neccessarily ask for.

Do you have:
Too many children? Too many bills? Too much stress or weight?
Not enough opportunity, excitement, or meaning in your life?

Maybe its time for A New Attitude. Sportslife TV Ministries can help. We can provide the strategy and informtion you need to get the most out of your days, with what we have to offer.

We’ve got: 

Morning Motions TM – An early morning Gospel exercise show With stretches, aerobics, bodyweight exercise, and both high and low impact segements all set to instrumentl or Gospel music, once funded Morning Motions will truly have somethng for everyone, whatever your fitness needs or ambitions.

Miracle Motions Network Digital – Our blog features weekly content that addresses every major aspect of day to day life with constructive, engaging posts and content.

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