A Bridge to NIC

If you need help, ask me…

How about some good news?
Ghana is on the grow. It is a country that has much to teach us.

What is the path to prosperity? If we were asked this question, we would tell you to follow Ghana’s example. With it’s fast rate of economic growth, rapidly increasing industrialization and urbanization, stable democratic political system, improving education and healthcare systems, fastest growing middle class, and excellent investment potential, Ghana shows many signs of being Africa’s next country to achieve Newly Industrialized Country (NIC)┬ástatus before 2039, in accordance with its Vision 2020 mandate.

When Ghana becomes an NIC, it will be on the fast track towards becoming a fully developed country. As an NIC, its economy will grow at an unpreceded rate, with a greater degree of self-sufficiency. Its people will widely enjoy a better quality of life, and with more disposable income they will be able to demand for better goods and services, making the nation a hotspot for new businesses and investments. The black star of Ghana will shine more brightly than ever before.

If you need help, ask us. Ghana needs an extra push to cross the bridge to NIC. Let’s reduce its annual death rate and optimize its birth rate. Let’s improve the health of its people and businesses. Let’s inform the NGO’s and Agencies operating here on how they can do better. These things would give Ghana the important extra push its missing to acheive its vision. That is where Sportslife TV Ministries (SLTVM) comes in, with humanitarian journalism, health and future planning advisory, and advertising for business opportunities, we will help the people, businesses, and organizations of this country work as one to make history. We do this because it is logical, since the prosperous and ambitious Ghana that we know is one of the most promising countries in Africa, and also because it is right, since this country has given us repatriates so much.

Let us work together, and set a great Miracle into Motion.

Only at Sportslife TV Ministries.

– Caleb Lensfield,
Executive Director

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