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There’s nothing finer than fresh fruit ripened from the vine, yet you must select the right fruits. Acid and Alkaline Food considerations may seem like an esoteric nutritionist topic, but it is not. It is a day to day health decision. The effects of alkaline and acid foods truly do add up over time. An acid based diet builds up stores of mucus inside the body, that allows diseases to take hold. An alkaline based diet purges mucus from the body and fortifies the body against disease incursion.

It is therefore crucial to have precise and correct information about acid and alkaline food. Some foods may seem healthy, yet they are acid based. For certain blood types, food reacts differently. Our advice is meant for the average O Blood Type.

Our advice here is to educate you on your worldview transition towards seeking better food. In the kitchen, restaurant, and marketplace, alkaline foods should be your pursuit. Go grab the foods we strongly recommend for quick and easy health results. Get started today with our Ghana-optimized list of Alkaline Food Alternatives and Further Reading options.

Always remember that nutrition is an essential part of your body’s development and longevity and it is every bit as important as exercise. Eat and drink alkaline fruits and vegetables to enjoy life to the fullest.
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