MMND Events

Packed with many households full of talented youth,
Ghana is a dream location for sports reality TV shows!
As diasporan repatriates, our intellectual contribution to Ghana
is the creation of our articles and catalog of reality WebTV series
to foster camaraderie among its youth and help create new champions.
Our fellowship at SlTVM has told us that we represent hope for a lot of people, so daily we accept the challenges:

–    Morning Motions™ not only takes you through daily workouts, but also has you learn about new products and opportunities.
–     When you catch us on The Sporting Life, you can watch the international experience and learn what it takes to be producers in one of the world’s most challenging operating environments.
–     Our Fight Show content is about the fighting spirit that the people of Ghana possess, and the intricacies of sporting in West Africa.

Let’s try out escapism for change.

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