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SlTVM has a powerful mission to build a collaborative culture among NGO’s and charitable businesses. We use humanitarian multimedia productions to gather an alliance of broadcast networks, design teams, advertisers, and more.

Our work showcases Ghanaian youth talent and displays of their identities around the globe as we empower them to support their communities through our content.

A Day At Sportslife TV Ministries:

We lent a hand to a local NGO, Royal Diadem, where young people donated their time and resources to fundraise for a local orphanage. The orphanage was staffed by one woman who takes care of 80 children. The children had lost their housing and had no funding. What we learnt was that there was a need for a collaborative effort from several NGO’s for both short-term and long-term planning and action.

During the event, we were inspired by what the young people had to say as they spoke about teenage pregnancy in their communities.

They had even asked us to produce a documentary on the subject. As a result, we were galvanized to take the lead in crafting multimedia presentations on Ghana’s behalf.

Our ambition is to create great messages on multiple media platforms to educate and empower. We use technology to provide venues for learning and connection through audio and visual experiences.

We are committed. We are told:

“When we see you, you represent hope.”
Pastor Dennis Dzobo,
All Souls Baptist Church

Location: Amazing Grace Church Int. Com.3, P.O. Box BT196, Tema Ghana, W/Africa
Working Times: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Monday through Saturday, Year Round

PSAWG is an all-new project,
brought to you by Sportslife TV Ministries,
a National Partnership-Oriented NGO.

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