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Sportslife TV Ministries is calling on achievers who will donate towards the creation of Feature, Fashion, News, and Tech Editorials that highlight the greatness of charity.

Our platform is NGO and CSR Media. The Livestream, PSAWG LIVE, offers the benefit of transparency about what it takes to achieve missions in Ghana.

Within the show, we offer analytics that are actionable through in-show discussion.
The Sportslife TV Ministries Platform is content for your content stacks.

Donate and take part in this body of work.  Your contributions are dynamic as they empower the heart, mind, and body of others.
Let us all give God praise for the victory.

Please lend your support through
the clickable Patreon or Donate
buttons shown below.

Your contribution
produces PSAWG LIVE,
as well as future indigenous
Public Service Announcements.

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