About The Founders

Caleb Lensfield
Sportslife TV Ministries®

Executive Director

Caleb was born in Brooklyn, NY, USA and he was raised in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. At the School of Visual and Performing Arts, Caleb was known as ‘the Renaissance Man’ since the age of six.

For years he studied Shaolin Kung Fu, Mime, Painting, Tap Dancing, Ballet, Modern Dance, and Hip Hop. He also had a personal Bodybuilding Trainer and spent time at the local Boxing Gym. All his life he has been exposed to the restorative power of physical fitness and the equally restorative power of the Word of God.

He moved to his birthplace, New York City, to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute. There, he also studied with leading world historians who helped him form a perspective on people and societal development. Since he was homeschooled, he was able to immediately apply what he learnt and became a civil servant.  He donated hundreds of hours of community service before he left America to study in Ghana.  Campaigns in New York for Governor, Congress, a Brooklyn Newspaper, and Food Co-ops all benefitted from his hard work, diligence and commitment.

When he arrived in Ghana in 2012, age 14, he enrolled in a top international school.  Caleb was awarded Distinction in his IGCSE examinations, sworn-in as Deputy Headboy (i.e. Vice President), and completed A-level examinations before graduating in June 2016. He studied Social Sciences and Communications. International school experience introduced him to his peers; the next generation of international leadership.

Since 2016, Caleb founded Sportslife TV Ministries®. He is also Co-Creator, writer and curator for project Morning Motions™. He is also working on his newest project. PSA World Guild. Caleb is young and he is putting together a new global community for humanitarian information processing and development cooperation.

Karen Dawn 
Morning Motions™


     Karen has a Business Administration and Information Processing education. She grew up wandering around film studio sets, computers, and editing equipment at her mother’s job at Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). Her father was a Scooter Cop who made Brooklyn a safe place for her to play. While girls her age sat around with their babies in carriages in the city parks, she would ride her boy’s bike to the rougher parts of Brooklyn to join the big guys on bike tours around NYC.

     Her first job at age 16 was for the Police Athletic League, showing younger people city summer fun. Since then, she has had decades of ‘Show Business’ experience in front of and behind the cameras.  After a movie role in Hollywood, Ms. Dawn became a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild union for over 20 years. Simultaneously, she was an entrepreneur for a decade, owning a fleet of limousines since age 22. After her only child, Caleb, was born, she moved to Pennsylvania and cared for the handicapped. She also became a case worker assistant for troubled teens. Years later, all of her experiences had led her to become an Amateur Boxing Promoter. Her first event was staged January 2010, in New York City. Adventures spanning 2 continents have prepared her to live and create in the diverse and exotic locations of Ghana. She remains a sports enthusiast and has studied with grandmasters and masters from around the world. Karen is accomplished in the worlds of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai-Chi, Boxing, Aerobics, Modern & African Dance, and more.

     Karen’s elite fusion of high culture with street savvy is creating an attractive and inclusive brand in the form of Sportslife TV Ministries. This serves her personal ambition to spread love and concern for others.  Karen’s favorite quote comes from her teacher, Shi Yan Ming, the last of 34 generations of Shaolin Monks; “Life is Beautiful”. She hopes that through her work, she can imbue such a philosophy in others.

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