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We believe in a world where Businesses, NGO’s, Nations, and Individuals all reach their full potential. Through the power of modern media, the unifying effects of sports, and the power of faith, many people and organizations, such as yourselves, can better tap into your greatness. Your only missing link, is exposure. The world must be more exposed to what you have to offer, and fortunately, exposure is our business. We, Sportslife TV Ministries, use Sports and Media to your advantage through our latest project:
Morning Motions

This is the digital headquarters for Sportslife TV Ministries. It is our appeal to you to join our journey into shaping the future through exposure to the masses. It is our hope and prayer that these pages can be the foundation for our shared future, moving onwards. Our most promising projects for television and internet pursue mass media opportunities to support Ghana’s new markets, its industrializing communities, and its many local and regional NGO’s.

Our name says it all. We utilize an exciting mixture of Sports, Media, and Christian Faith that we would love to discuss with you in more detail upon further communication. Our methods and content have been in reasearh and development for  years. We have lived, studied, interviewed, recruited, consulted, and produced in Ghana in order to pursue our convictions. With Ghana’s mounting economic and social changes, we have identified now as the best time to seek new partners and begin impact.
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We are Diasporans. Sportslife TV Ministries is a National Non-Profit Organization Headquartered in Tema, Ghana. Our second location in the Volta region is to address the people we’ve identified as underserved.
Our team is led by Founder, Caleb Lensfield, and Co-Founding Imagineer and Administrator, Karen Dawn.