About Us

Caleb Lensfield
Sportslife TV Ministries®

Executive Director, Lifelong Student

Caleb was born in Brooklyn, NY, USA
All his life he has been exposed to the restorative power of physical fitness and the equally restorative power of the Word of God and Gospel music.

Caleb is young. He has had hundreds of hours of community service logged before he started his O-Level studies in Ghana.   Campaigns in New York for Governor, Congress, a Local Newspaper, and Food Coops all benefitted from his hard work, diligence and commitment. He majors in Social Science and Communications.  He recently completed his A-Levels. Caleb Lensfield is hard at work building a new global community through Sportslife TV Ministries.

He is convinced that the Morning Motions™ project is a contribution for sustainable developmental economics and is what is needed to create an impact in Ghana’s mounting health crisis.  As the Co-Creator, Caleb writes and speaks for Morning Motions™ to help prevent avoidable deaths. Caleb works in faith that the program can inspire a righteous dedication to physical fitness and future planning within those that watch it.

Karen Dawn 
Morning Motions™

Creator, Boxing Promoter, Media Personality

Karen has a Business Administration and Information Processing education. She grew up wandering around film studio sets and equipment at her mother’s job at CBS Broadcasting Network. Her father was a Cop who made Brooklyn a safe place for her to play. While girls her age sat around with their babies in carriages in the city parks, she would ride her boy’s bike to the ‘Projects’ to join the big guys on bike tours around NYC.   Her first job at age 16 was for the Police Athletic League, showing younger people city summer fun. Since then she has had decades of ‘Show Business’ experience in front of the cameras.  Ms. Dawn was a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild union for over 20 years. She remains a sports enthusiast, and is accomplished in the worlds of Shoalin Kung Fu, Tai-Chi, Boxing, Aerobics, Oriental, Modern, & African Dance, Water Sports and more.  Her favorite pastimes are prayer at alters around the world, the study of African History at scholars’ knees, and teaching.

     Karen’s elite fusion of high culture with street savvy is creating an attractive and inclusive brand in the form of Morning Motions™.  This project serves her personal ambition to spread love and concern for others.  It is a project that aids people in achieving physical holiness and strengthening their relationships with God.